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James A. Williams II, aka "Buster " was born in Decatur, Illinois on Tuesday October 8, 1957 at Decatur and Macon County Hospital, the son of James A and Shirley D (Tucker) Williams, The Lord called him home on Friday February 3, 2006 from Decatur Memorial Hospital.  He has one sister Kelly and husband Brian, two nephews Brian "BJ" and Colton and neice Sonya.   He also had many BEST friends and very special cousins. He had a love of life and always wanted to be on the go either riding his 4 wheeler or working on his mustang.  Buster was a "one of a kind" guy thats for sure!

Buster went all 12 yrs at Warrensburg Latham schools. He was in Cub Scouts as a child and loved his model trains.  He joined the Warrensburg Fire Dept. in 1977 and retired in 1998.   He worked for Onyx for 13 yrs then going to Sears working in mechanics. Recently he had worked for Foremost Truck and Trailer. 

He lived with Lori 14 yrs helping raise Kyle, Jake, and Kelsey whom he loved like family. He loved everyone he knew!

Busters Story and What happened to him: Buster was a fun loving guy and loved riding 4 wheelers and working on his mustang. In Dec. of 2005 he was starting to not feel good he had a cold and congestion. He went two times to Doctors Family Practice once in Dec. 05 and once in Jan. 06 both times they said he had bronchitis and gave him meds and sent him on his way. On Jan. 8th 06 we went to the ER because he just wasnt getting any better they did xrays and a breathing treatment and cat scan said its the bronchitis and sent us home. A week later, Jan. 16 06, he was still no better and we decided to go back to the hospital. When we got there his pulse ox was at 55 and we were taken straight back, the dr called in a heart dr because they thought it was his heart, that dr who was also our dads dr said he is to be admitted and that it was not his heart but his lungs and a different specialist would be in to see us the next morning (the dr could see on the cat scan from the week before what the problem was but we were never called). Dr Verma came the next day and informed us that bub had pulmonary fibrosis and was very sick they wanted to do an open lung biopsy to see exactly what type of fibrosis it was but it wasnt meant to be. The next day Tuesday Jan 17, 06, he coded and went into respitory failure and was put on a vent, he was cohearant in the beginning and I was encouraged but even that wasnt meant to be. He went down hill fast and we never got to get the biopsy as he couldnt be off the vent for any length of time. We made a the decision to let bub go on Thurs Feb 2, 06 after I found out the sedation they had him on had been off for 2 day and he was completely unresponsive and on the vent with 100% oxygen and peeps. This was the longest 21 days of my life as I said goodbye to my only brother and sibling and my best friend. You will be missed bubba. The final autopsy report said that bub had end stage lung disease complicated by pulmonary fibrosis and pnemonitis.
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Christmas  / Kelly (Sister)
Wow another year has gone by and it has really hit home now that you mommy and daddy are gone. I really miss you and the boys and Brian do too. I can imagine what your Christmas list would be like this year, clothes, new video games and I am sure 4...  Continue >>
Interesting!!  / Kelly Zinn (Sister)
Today as I was at the cemetery visiting the graves and removing some of the old flowers this dog comes up...I thought he was with the older couple who were visiting graves in the other section...anyway he comes bounding up to me ties to lick me wants...  Continue >>
Merry Christmas   / Kelly (Sister)
Wow I cant believe that anohter year has gone by without you.  It doesnt seem possible.  I can just imagine what your Christmas list would have had on it this year.  I sure do miss you, I wish there was a way I could hear your voice ag...  Continue >>
My life   / Kyle Williams (Nephew)
My birthday was the other day and you were not there to tease me.. i can honestly say i missed it. I always looked up too you and always wanted to be like you buster i love yo with all my heart. My car also broke down the other day and nobody could f...  Continue >>
my bestest!   / Lori Napier (friend)
You / Kelly (Sister)    Read >>
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Remembering you  / Kelly (Sister)    Read >>
Two Years  / Kelly (sister)    Read >>
I received a pic of Buster in a frame with a poem, and felt the poem should b here.  / Lori (friend)    Read >>
message for Kelly  / Lori     Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Kelly (Sister)    Read >>
Missing You  / Kelly (Sister)    Read >>
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His legacy
Your Gift  

I think that the verse selected for your service brochure said it all:
God Saw you
God saw you getting tired
And a cure was not to be, 
So He put His arms around you
And whispered "Come with Me:.

With tearful eyes we watched you suffer
And saw you fading fast away;
Although we loved you dearly
We would not make you stay.

A Gold Heart stopped beating 
Hard Working Hands to rest, 
God broke our hearts to prove to us .......

This is so true and couldn't be said any better.  One of the greatest part of your legacy is the GIFT OF HOPE we were able to give to others when your organs were donated.  Through that gift of your liver a 31 year old man will get to see his child grow up, something he might not have been able to do otherwise.  Through the gift of your right kidney a 49 year old man will be able to spend the future with his wife and children.  Through the gift of your left kidney a 60 year old woman will have more time with her family.  It was a generous gift to these families and I know they will be forever greatful and for me it means that you live on. 

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