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10 8 1957

I arrived at 10:13 am on Tuesday October 8, 1957 at Decatur and Macon County Hospital, Decatur, Illinois.  I weighed 9 lbs. 14.6 oz. and was 21" long.

10 14 1957
I came home from the hospital today, I weighed 10 lbs. 2 oz.
July 1960
Went to Monteray Mexico with my mom and dad and aunt and uncle and their kids.  We rode donkeys down in a canyon, I had to ride with my mom cause I wasnt big enough to ride alon. 
got my first mini bike
started school
Took a trip to Washington DC with the boyscouts, I got to go because my dad drove the bus.
I'm in 1st grade
I'm in 2nd grade
I'm in the 3rd grade.
I'm in 4th grade
moved up town to a bigger house
I'm in 5th grade
Oct. 25 1968
Wow! I finally got a baby sister her name is Kelly Joann.
Aug. 1972
We spent two and half weeks in Canada at my aunts and camping on an island (Temagami) we went fishing, hiking, swimming, visited dundren castle and castleoma and many other things.  My cousins from Connecticut were there also.  It was Me, Kelly, Mom, Dad, Aunt Joie, Uncle Al, Scott, Stephanie, Gidget and Fred (the English Man).
A Freshman.
May 18, 1974
Was in my cousin Dennis's wedding.
Sept. 1974
I was in vocational and we were building houses in the Shadow Lane addition in Decatur and I fell of the top of one and hurt my back really bad, broke some vertabre and was in the hospital and had surgery, and was in a brace for over a year.
A Junior.
Got my 1st car a 1968 Yellow and Black Camero.
May 31 1976
finally done with school Yeah!
Summer of 1976
Jimmy and Kelly Jo
I joined the Warrensburg Volunteer Fire Department
Aug. 9, 1980
I am no longer a single man, I got married to Jamie A O'Brien
Aug. 1982
Took a trip to Idaho.
July 28, 1986
My grandfather Howard Williams died today.
Nov. 1986
Mom got a new puppy a black cocker spaniel she named KC.
December 25, 1986
What is in this package?
December 25 1987
Christmas Day 1987 What a goon
Went to work for Suburban Disposal.
Ok so I am single again, my divorce is final.
Sept. 27, 1988
My grandfather Forrest Tucker died today.
June 29 1989

My first nephew was born, Wow I am an Uncle. He was born June 29, 89.  He was named Brian James "BJ" Brian after his dad and James after me and my dad.

Sept. 1990
Wrecked my motorcycle just outside of town, messed up the top of my head and my shoulder and arm, but I will recover, was in the hospital for several days and wont be able to work for a while till my shoulder heals.
December 25 1990
Mom Bub and KC
Feb. 19 1991
My grandmother Louise (Stukins) Williams died today.
Went to work for Waste Hauling now Onyx Disposal.
June 25 1993
Ok so I am an Uncle again, my second nephew was born. Colton John was born June 25, 93.
March 18, 1994
My grandmother Mildred (Reed) Tucker died today.
May 19 1995
I was the best man when my sister and her husband got married today.
June 12, 1997
My Aunt Joie my mom's only sister died today.
Dec. 16, 2002
KC died today in my mom and dad's arms.  He now rests forever under the walnut tree where he liked to play as a puppy. 
March 2003
Mom got a new dog today he is a redish blonde cocker spaniel about a year old his name is Shadow.
May 2003
My sister got me a job at Sears Auto Center, Forsyth, Illinois.
Dec. 31, 2004
My mom (Shirley Tucker Williams)  died today at 12:05 am.
Jan. 2005
I finally got to meet my neice Sonya.
July 2005
Went to work at Foremost Truck and Trailer in Macon, Illinois with my friends Chad and his wife.
Feb. 3, 2006

James passed away at 3:57 am on  Friday Feb. 3, 2006 at the age of 48, however he will live on through organ donation.  His liver went to  a man from the chicago land area and both kidneys went out to two different people one in Illinois and one in Michigan.  Bub was not alone through this I (his sister Kelly) and cousins Gidget Nance, Charlene and Rick Lohse and Roxann and Susanne Apke were there till the last breath was taken.

May 10, 2006
Today the head stone for Bub's grave site was set.
July 5, 2006
Shadow died today.
December 28, 2010
My dad James A Williams died today.
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