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my buddy  / Lori (friend)  Read >>
my buddy  / Lori (friend)
o big memories for buster at Christmas, I remember him turning 40 something and couldnt wait to goto moms! but already knew what he was getting!!every year i knew he knew what he was getting and he was excited as a 10yr old.  That was his most favorite time was Christmas. with his mommma, daddy and kelly. Buster so loved those moments.  Cherished them!  It was soo fun watchin him at Christmas more than watchin my kids! lol.  I love him with all my heart and more. Close
Christmas Fun  / Kelly (Sister)  Read >>
Christmas Fun  / Kelly (Sister)
I still remember the christmas when I was little and got a lite brite you sat there with me for hours making pictures on it, I think you had just as much fun with it as I did even though you were older.  Today we spent most of the day with daddy and buddy I fixed dinner for us and dad baked pies.  Miss you everyday. Close
Christmas / Kelly (Sister)  Read >>
Christmas / Kelly (Sister)

Today we got the Christmas Tree all set up and unpacked the stockings yours was right on top and is on the wall with the others, there will be a little something in it for you.  I know Christmas was one of your favorite holidays you could pick up a package and just by feeling it or turning it certain ways you could figure out what was in it and most of the time you were right.  I remember one year I knew what was in a present that you couldn't figure out so we traded info and I told you what it was, mom would have kicked our butts if she knew then.  I can also remember many Christmas Days when you would play with me and all the new toys I would  get.  Dont know how I am going to get through Christmas this year but I have to for the boys and daddy.  You will be in my heart and on my mind all through the holiday.  Love your little sister!

another one  / Lori (buddie)  Read >>
another one  / Lori (buddie)
I was cleanin out the garage tonite and brought the vacuum out and started vacuum,n and i remember u tellin me "nobody vacuums their garage!!! and u didnt like it, thought it was tooo girlish but u sure liked the garage when it was cleaned.  your love and memories are still here and thats what keeps u here close to our hearts, love u forever buddie. Close
thinking of u  / Lori (friend)  Read >>
thinking of u  / Lori (friend)

I keep replaying the last moments i had with u and im beatin myself up trying to make myself "live with it". Like I have said many times I missu terribly and so do my children. u r soo talked about all the time that I feel ur still here! I just wanna see ya and give ya a big fat kiss. u know the ones u used to run from! lol! was gonna try and write a memory thingy but now im just stuck in aww thinking about your smiling face.

friend / Lori (friend)  Read >>
friend / Lori (friend)
I dont know that I have ever really new the TRUE  meaning of best friends, til i lost u!  I know that theres is no one on this earth that could be a better friend to me than u were.  I love U and miss u terribly.  U definetly took a piece of my heart with u. Til the day i get to see u again i will love and remember u daily.  Close
happy birthday bub.  / Gidget Nance (his other sis )  Read >>
happy birthday bub.  / Gidget Nance (his other sis )
never thought i wouldnt see ya at age 49 boy do i miss ya ya keep an eye out for lisa she is my real sister wish ya would been here to know it ..... ya know it now though i think somewhere in grandma's heart she knew she was alfreds kid also. love ya bub forever and ever  ......         OLE THE ANGELS WINGS YOU MUST HAVE I CANT WAIT TO SEE YA IN EM....... Close
A Memory  / Kelly (Sister)  Read >>
A Memory  / Kelly (Sister)
As I look at BJ I think back to when you would babysit him after your motorcycle wreck and how you wouldnt change messy diapers, you would carry him over to Melissa's or to Charleen.  Who would have known that  this big rough and tumle guy wouldnt change a dirty diaper, Now I just laugh about it and have written it down so when BJ is older he will know what you did.  Close
memories / Lori (friend)  Read >>
memories / Lori (friend)
when i had my first baby i was soo scared,  i had my mom   but still needed that special someone, and that was u!  U told me i could do, it, I  just had to straighten up "a lil bit".  u helped me so much! with not just one child,  two!!  U filled in soo many times when it wasnt your part, and loved it.  Jake and kyle talk about u all the time! U did so many nice things and didnt think a thing about it, was your nature. I dont believe I could have made this far without u. Your number 1 in my book Buster. Close
miss you friend  / Tricia Napier (friend)  Read >>
miss you friend  / Tricia Napier (friend)
I keep trying to come up with a memory to share with everyone here. I think of so many and they all just sort of run together. I had seen you almost everyday for the past few years up until January. Thats alot to talk about! Chad and I keep saying "where's Buster at"? And only you know what we are talking about. Those crazy moments when something weird happens or when we need you (which is all the time). We are still trying to adjust to life without you in it. We can only hope that someday we will all be together again. We can tell you everything you missed and you can tell us too! 
Until then friend, we keep you in our hearts forever! Close
To ALL of Buster's Friends  / Kelly (Sister)  Read >>
To ALL of Buster's Friends  / Kelly (Sister)
I just wanted to let everyone know what the final autopsy report said.  Buster had end stage (terminal) Lung Disease with pulmonary fibrosis  which was complicated by pneumonia and ARDS (accute respatory distress syndrome).  The findings are what I expected after speaking with all the doctors who cared for him.  In a nut shell he was very sick and didn't even know it and  in the end there was nothing more I or any one could have done to help him.  How I wish I would have known how sick he was I would have moved heaven and earth to get him the proper care, most of his friends dont know alot about me or our relationship but I would have done any thing for him.  At this point I keep his memory alive by talking about him and remembering him every day. Close
Busters grave stone  / Kelly (Sister)  Read >>
Busters grave stone  / Kelly (Sister)
The grave stone was set today, for those who don't remember his grave is in the section directly behind the church facing the field in the next to the last row, currently there are no markers in front of his so you should be able to see it from the gravel road.  If any one has any trouble finding it let me know I would be glad to show you where it is or give you better directions.  Kelly Close
for you  / Kelly (Sister)  Read >>
for you  / Kelly (Sister)
Tonight at the firemens trustee's meeting they presented dad and I with a plaque and a candle in your memory.  The plaque says "There when you need us"  Emergency Services Award  2005-2006  In Memory of James Williams Jr.  Warrensburg Fire Protection District  and the candle is a soft scent with a dove and the words remembering on the holder.  There was a ceremony held in honor of fallen fire, ems, and police and they lit the candles during the ceremony in honor of the ones who had passed and then at the end gave them to the dept.'s to give to the family with the plaques.  How nice. Close
u / U. Me (friend)  Read >>
u / U. Me (friend)
I never thought this was ever gonna happen, u told me it wouldnt. I promised to change your bedpans when u got 80 or before. It is so hard without your happy face!  I tried to tell chad the other nite u were sayin with a smile that its "ok".  U tought me patience, how to sit back and think about it before reacting! something i should have learned long ago, but thank u!  I remember times I thought the world was gonna end, and busters smilling face would reinforce me that it wasnt! and there was definetly good reason to "keep my head together"   buster was the one person that was ALWAYS there for me!  Buster had to be angel sent to me?? what else could explain the sweetness that he brought into my life! I have no clue where i would have been without him! " I love u buster" Close
buster / Friends   Read >>
buster / Friends
troy has been here couple times wanting to write but didnt,  and carl has been here couple time and doesnt write, bret actually is calling too!  my brother sux rite now,  but understandable !! miss the love from buster!! Close
just chattin  / Lori (buddy)  Read >>
just chattin  / Lori (buddy)

where u at Gidget? I know how close you were to my buddy and he loved u sooo much!  i remember first time i metchya  buster kept telling me "if we need to we'll get my cousin!, lol  {meaing your husband}! lol   he always talked about him being so big and tuff and on his side!   luv u guys wanna see u soon.  

Bubba / Kelly (sister)  Read >>
Bubba / Kelly (sister)
Hey got a letter today, Your liver went to a 31 year old man in lllinois who had been on the list for 3 months, he is at happy to be home now recovering with his wife and child.  A 49 yearold man from Illinois recieved your right kidney, the surgery went well and he is home with his wife and two children just 10 days after the transplant And a 69 year old woman from Michigan recieved your right kidney, the transplant a success and she is also home recovering with her husband and family members less than two weeks after surgery.  I think it is great, a part of you lives on in others although I would rather have you.  Miss you. Kelly. Close
more memories  / Lori (friend)  Read >>
more memories  / Lori (friend)

I was maybe 18, had a rabbit lol  in a cage. Me and Buster sitting in the living room  BORED  Buster would say, "hey lets call troy and have him bring his pit over and let your rabbit out!"! lol   and of course i said ok! O man Did Buster me and troy watch the dog chase the rabbit all over that house!! over several friends's laps, heads, lol  i dont mean just for a lil bit i mean we would watch that for a while!! lol  poor rabbit!   Were we bored "in warrensburg" or what?

Wish you were here  / Tricia Napier (My Best Friend )  Read >>
Wish you were here  / Tricia Napier (My Best Friend )
This is so hard here without you.  I'm feeling a little better now.  At first I was confused, angry, raw, and I even felt guilty because I didn't realize how sick you were. I am so sorry that I didn't push you to get better care while you were sick. I feel like maybe I was just taking for granted you would always be here like everyone thought. Chad & I miss you so much, the boys too. I wish we could go back & fix this, but I know we cant! I think of you everyday, I even forget your'e gone sometimes (i have to remind myself). I'm glad I got to sit with you in the hospital while you were awake and hold your hand.. I had know idea that would be the last time.  I wish I would have told you that you were my very best friend, not because you were there when I called or stayed on the phone with me all nite when I cried to you about Chad. But because you didn't mind, I love you for that.  There will be no greater friend to me, your shoes are too big to fill.  Your pictures are all over the house for Aaron, we want him to remember you and I think he will...how can he forget "Busta"!
We love you and miss you friend! Close
Bubba / Kelly (Sister)  Read >>
Bubba / Kelly (Sister)
Wow, how to describe you and all that you were, there are not enough words.  You were loving , caring, compassionate, a leader, a helper, a true friend and a loving son, brother, and uncle.  I have great memories and it is those that keep me going.  I have many of your things your trains, fire memorabilia, cameras, scout stuff and your mustang, but those are just things, I will cherish each of those things and my boys will get your trains and your mustang when they are old enough.  But till then the mustang will be finished and driven by us in your memory, it isn't something I can just put away for years, then all of your hard work would be a waste and I know you wouldn't want that.  I miss you everyday but you are always in my heart and in my mind I will always see your smiling face.
Your loving sister. Close
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